1. robertozaghi:

    Thomas Silane 8 - story : Buendia/Chanoinat, drawings : Zaghi.

    Grand Angle/Bamboo

  2. mikehawthorne:

    Sneak peek into my sketchbook. See the whole book, every page, here - https://www.storehouse.co/stories/o6sqm-cover-to-cover-part-four

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  3. wilfredotorresart:

    #Inktober Day 1 - 18 are up in my Shop for those that asked, I’ve also got Sketchbooks available - http://wilfredotorres.bigcartel.com/

  4. gr-comics:

    #Inktober batch 2: Adam Strange, Mera, ROM Space Knight, Blacksad, Spider-Man and Delirium of the Endless

  5. From Marvel’s January solicits:

    Mark Waid (W) • Chris Samnee (A/C)
    • The shocking conclusion to Stunt-Master’s death defying dare!
    • The Owl begins to set his machinations into motion!
    • And another old foe waits in the wings to blindside the Man Without Fear!
    32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

    Colors here, and interior colors as well, by Matt Wilson

  6. 9emeart:

    Rencontre a Hong Kong

    Hugo Pratt

  7. #inktober Day 21: THE SCORPION

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  8. #inktober Day 20: THE VULTURE

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  9. cooketimm:

    Vintage horror comics cover stylization by Bruce Timm

  10. marvelentertainment:

    Go undercover with artist Rich Ellis and his exclusive “Operation S.I.N.” sketchbook, featuring Peggy Carterhttp://bit.ly/1rnqEx1