1. Ms. Marvel!! Rocking an ace costume design by mckelvie
    I bet that book is a hoot to draw. Kamala Khan’s powers are so much fun to play with :)

  2. andysuriano:


    I’m sure it’s already been done, but here’s my favorite super group as I first met each of them individually…

    GOTG being released this week, let’s post this again and see if it can make a few more rounds?

  3. more-like-a-justice-league:

    Artist Showcase: Chris Samnee 2

  4. Bit of process stuff from my one of my Angel & Faith variant covers for Dark Horse.
    Stellar colors on here by jordiecolorsthings

  5. tally-art:

    Reblogging because it’s out!!!!! :DDD


    GUYS.  I am so thrilled to announce this:

    MonkeyBrain Comics is publishing a series of digital comics collecting my Europe sketches from the past year!!  We tested it out with my Amsterdam Sketchbook, and the response was so good we’re releasing 6 more comics with a similar format, covering my travels in NYC, France, Switzerland, England, Spain, and Italy.

    Issue #1 will be available on Comixology this Wednesday!!


  7. dshalv:

    A piece I did as part of Multiversity’s 'Guardians Month'

    Colours by the wonderful Ruth Redmond. She did a great job.

    Below the colours is the original piece that will be auctioned in aid of Rocket Racoon creator Bill Mantlo. Keep an eye on Multiversity for more.

  8. davewachter:

    Godzilla: Cataclysm cover process. Issue #1 due in August, written by Cullen Bunn, published by IDW.

    (via cullenbunn)

  9. randalltumble:

    Page on the board. I love drawing new Trekker stories.

  10. Step-by-step of my Adventures of Superman cover from last year.
    With stellar colors by Matt Wilson on the finished piece.