1. mnlocher:

    The untold story of how Matt Murdock’s mother became Sister Maggie. When Matt learns something about his past that’s too terrible to accept he seeks out his mother only to find her in more trouble than he could possibly have imagined.


  2. inkydavid:

    "The Smoker" by Alex Toth. Never saw this one before!


  3. hattiehargrove said: Hey, I made the graphic that you commented on the lack of backgrounds about. I was trying to isolate particular parts of the image (the parts that had Matt & Foggy), and edited around the rest to try to highlight that. That's just to give a little context? But if you would like me to remove it or any other graphics I've done with your work I'll gladly do so. If you don't want people playing around with your art I absolutely understand/respect that and I'm very sorry if I hurt or upset you.

    No, you can leave it up. My feelings aren’t hurt or anything.
    Collages and photo sets are fun.
    My only beef is that if you edit the art *in* panels it misrepresents the actual content. A casual observer that doesn’t follow the title could potentially see these edits and assume they are in-the-book as seen here. Thereby immediately writing off the title as “Oh, that new Daredevil book without any backgrounds” without ever having given us a shot, because they don’t know any better.

  4. When it comes down to it, I guess I don’t really need the world to know I exist.

    I’m just glad HE does.

    What the?! Where the hell did all my backgrounds go?!! :(

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  5. The new Thor!!

  6. partycockroach:

    DAREDEVIL VOL. 4 004

    Mark Waid, chrissamnee, thejaviercaster

    the new standard pose for pictures with the Daredevil creative team?

  7. DAREDEVIL VOL. 4 004

    Mark Waid, chrissamnee, thejaviercaster

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  8. marvel1980s:

    A very cool homage to Marvel Team-Up #66 by Chris Samnee

  9. savingwonderwoman:

    In case you didn’t know, or plumb forgot.

  10. dustinweaver:



    Thing Thing By Dustin Weaver

    Can you spot the cameos?

    Fun fact about this little comic— I colored this, but I had help with flatting it from, none other than Colleen Coover and Ben Bates… Talk about two people over qualified for the job… Also, both of them have alliterated names.